First transnational meeting - Prague

"Use media. Don't let media use You."

That's the title that summarizes what we have been planning in Czech Republic. Zoom Media is a project about media literacy and critical thinking. Schools and NGOs from 6 countries (United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Latvia) working together to enhance education about countering disinformation. We met, to plan your two years long European wide cooperation. Assign roles, asses our capacities and set milestones for our cooperation.

Through the international project ZOOM Media we are working on designing a methodology that can be used by schools, NGOs, universities, student clubs or other similar places that work with young people. We are a group of experts in education, media literacy, critical thinking, industry professionals and trainers with years of experience.

Now the two-year journey begins. We will create materials for you to support European wide process of increasing level of media literacy and critical thinking among youth. We design materials and methodologies so that both large organizations and student clubs, or you, can use them.

Join ZOOM Media where we will add these materials.